Combat Robots

Nick Maley pilots his first combat robot at Robogames at the Marin County Fair (sat July 6).

Whitehill robotics will have 2 ant weight class combat robots and a Dalek at the Marin county fair.

Games begin at 1-5pm on sat. We have been working on Mother’s Worst Nightmare for several weeks. It is a custom built combat robot built with a steel spinner weapon and a titanium /aluminum body.

1 pound Combat Robot
Shout out goes to Alec at Marin Metalworks! Without his help this would not have come together….

We will have a second robot competing. This is a one pound flipper bot based on the viper robot from finger tech.

And we will be bringing our Dalek which was seen at the Fairfax Parade!

Come by and wish us luck!dalek parking only