Robogames 2013

Robogames was great! We watched many matches – from lightweight to heavyweight class combat bots. Multi-rotor coptors were there too!

Max, Marco and Nick try their hand at flyweight robots….

We got to talking with David Needle, who is on the team Late Night Racing for robot “Original Sin”. He turns out to have been a First Lego League judge for  4 years! He worked on a project similar to the Sherlook Holmz for the military to track soldiers!
This is the class we will be competing in at the Marin County Fair. 1lbs antweight class. This driver is the guy I bought the robot’s parts from…he came down from Canada and his company Fingertech sponsored part of Robogames.

Here is our first robot – a kit from Fingertech – The Viper. Soon to be modded!

Viper Bot

Viper Bot

This will give you an idea about two heavyweight combat robots (200lbs class) going  against each other. They are driven by human drivers…

Heavyweight Class

Sewer Snake vs. Metal Raptor


Last Rights vs Vlad the Impaler


The blue robot was driven by an 8 year old girl!