Marin County Fair Robot Competition

Entry Forms Due  On or before Thursday, May 16, 5 pm, Fair Office
Entry Limit  16 per category
Entry Fee  No Fee
Challenges  Saturday, July 6, Make Your World Pavilion
Challenge Times  Challenges will begin at 1 pm and continue
throughout the afternoon

1. Local and State Rules govern this competition.
2. Eligibility: Marin County Fair Robotics Challenges are open to any Robotics
team or individual Robotics enthusiasts ages 9 through 18, that are California

3. Entry Procedure:
a. Entry Forms may be obtained from the Fair Entry Office, 10 Avenue of the
Flags, San Rafael, CA, 94903. Phone 415.473.7048. You may also enter
online at
b. Teams – On Entry Form, include the name of each member of your Robotics
team. Provide the name, telephone number, and email address of the
primary contact person.
4. Guidelines: Follow the guidelines as listed in each category.
5. Passes: Each participant will receive a fair admission pass, mailed one week
before the Fair.
6. Registration & Check-In: All participants (individuals and teams) must
check in with the Coordinator at the Make Your World Pavilion at 12:30 pm.
7. Contacts: For further information please contact the Exhibits Supervisor at
415.473.7048 or email You may also contact



Small solar powered machines compete to be first down the race track. The full
rules can be found here:
One Pound Combat is an exciting head-to-head competition where small robots
weighing no more than one pound face off in a 3-minute match in a specially
designed miniature robot arena.
Full rules for robot combat can be found here:
Kits for one-pound robot combat can be found online at such retailers as and
Two robots compete in a head-to-head match following a basic system of
traditional human sumo matches. The sole purpose is a pushing match between
the two robots to force the other from the arena. For this competition the robot
must be made of Lego bricks and must adhere to the rules and dimensions for
mini/Lego Sumo.
Full rules can be found here:
The objective is for your robot to follow the track from start to end in the shortest
amount of time. Once activated, the robot must operate without any human
guidance. The robot must begin with some portion over the start square, traverse
over each of the segments in order, and finish over the end square.
Complete rules can be found at