Team Robomaniacs

Team Robomaniacs

Our team project is the Sherlook Homz.

The Robo Maniacs, Inc. (Team 7841) wanted to make something that would help seniors. Our idea was a simple gaming/chat system so that even if the senior did not have great mobility, they could still play games and chat with their friends at the same time.

Then, we went to Lake Park Retirement Facility, where our senior partner, Barbara Olival, lives, and presented our idea. The seniors that we talked to had mixed feelings about our idea, so we decided to change it. One senior, Mabel Hom, suggested that we come up with a device to help them find things.

We got together after presenting our idea, and decided to use Mabel’s idea as our new project. And it branched out from there. We also contacted an applications architect, Carol Maley, who helped us further advance our idea and make it realistic.

The Robomaniacs consists of 8 “maniacs”, all of them 7th and 8th graders fron White Hill Middle School

Our Visit to Lake Park Retirement Center in Oakland.