Welcome Makers and Hackers!

Egg Carrier project

Pre-engineering class built egg carriers that took an egg from one building to another! We strung up a steel cable from 8th grade building to 7th grade building. The kids had to build their carrier from sheet metal, duct tape, wire, motors, batteries, and switches. They could use the 3D printer to make what ever they needed.

Check it out!



The event was a huge success and we hit the Marin IJ!….  article and photos here…

We hosted a workshop for over 200 girls on Jan 22 6:30 PM at White Hill School. These future engineers listened to professionals from different disciplines about women in engineering. They participated in creating a circuit from conductive thread, a battery and an LED. More info about this event…




 Coming Event

Marrinovators – Hackers and Makers will be at the Marrinovators Mini Maker Faire,  Saturday, April 12!

makerfaire logomr-makeyMaker Faire 2014

Hackers and Makers will be at the Maker Faire  on Sat and Sun, May 17th & 18th!


In the children’s own words, about the program this year…


Past Events.

natures-fury-logo-with-tex_smalltfll_logoFirst Lego League 2013 NorCal peninsula competition

Thanks to all the volunteers! Three of our six teams can now advance on to the Regional Championships! Go robotics!

Whitehill middle school is proud to host the 2013 FLL competition at the Bay school in the Presido, on Sunday November 17th  from 8 AM to 5 PM. More info.

Sign up and volunteer to help. We need people to help make this a successful event!
I want to help!  eventsvolunteers.com

Great afternoon with Manor School 5 graders!

After our sucess at Wade Thomas School we brought our Makey Makeys to Manor. Thanks again to Griffin, Maya and Nick!

Awesome Science Day at Wade Thomas School!

White Hill Hackers and Makers are Mentors! Nate MacDonald, Andrew Maley, Griffin, Maya and Nick participated in teaching 4th and 5th graders about the Makey Makey at Wade Thomas School in San Anselmo. More…

San Anselmo Parade

The Dalek will be in San Anselmo Country Fair and Parade with White Hill Amazing Mentors on Sunday sept 29 at 11am!

minimakerfairGreenbrae Mini Maker Fair

Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire happening Sept 14! We will be there making Blinky Bugs, showing off our new EV3 Lego robots, 3D printers, vinyl cutter, FLL table, combat bots etc. The Dalek will be there too, as well as bot-bash party, where you’ll have an opportunity to fight mini combat robots. Price is family friendly. If you couldn’t make the Maker Fair, this is a great introduction!

More info at http://makerfairegreenbrae.com/

Combat robots at the Marin county fair!

This Saturday from 1-5pm will see combat robots competing at the Marin County fair.

We will have two 1 pound combat robots. We will bring our Dalek which was in the Fairfax Parade recently for all to see.

More on combat robots

alec marin metalworksMarin Metalworks helps us with our combat robots!

Alec Shaw at Marin Metal Works went above and beyond helping us cut out the parts for our combat robots. We have visited twice so far and have more shiny parts for our robots of destruction.

See more of our visit here.

The Doctor is coming too!

White Hill Robotics and Revolution 9 are in the Fairfax Ecofest Parade today!

photo (1)

The White Hill Robotics team working the Andrew Maley have built a Dalek.

Revolution 9 has built a full sized TARDIS!

More pics and info about our wonderful day!




Pizza Bake and Sale! Bolinas

Monday May 28 Memorial Day


Bring your family and friends for wonderful wood fired pizzas! We will be making and baking pizzas in Bolinas at Mr MacDonald’s house on Monday May 28. This is to help fund the Robotics Club. We are entering Combat Robots in the Marin County Fair. We need your help!


new-series-dalek-3dThe Daleks are coming! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Fairfax Parade June 8 10AM

White Hill Robotics is hopefully teaming up with Revolution 9 in the Fairfax Parade. We are on Day 3 of Team Dalek’s build. Revolution 9 has a Tardis and we are inviting everyone to participate in supporting us. For those who don’t know Dr. Who more about the Daleks on Wikipedia.

Combat Robots and Sumobots – Marin County Fair July 6

Viper Bot

Viper Bot

White Hill Robotics is building 2 combat bots to fight and Sumobots to push…

We have one combat bot almost finished and need to build the second. Lots to do. We will be meeting over the summer to build and practise with these bots!!!!





White Hill Robotics hits the San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch!

Team Robomaniacs win 2nd place for Innovative Solutions Award

Check out the San Andselmo Fairfax Patch article!

Innovative Solution award

The RoboManiacs won 2nd place in the Innovative Solution Category for FLL NorCal Championships on Feb 3 2013. Great Job, Team!

RoboManiacs won second place for the Sherlook Homz Innovative Solution

RoboManiacs get an Innovative Solution Award!

Our goal is using robotics as a medium to bring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into their lives. We are participating in First Lego League(FLL).We have 3 teams with 10 kids per team. They work together to design, build and program a Lego Mindstorm robot, which will have to go out on a field and perform missions that have points assigned to each mission. There is a 2 minute 30 second time limit.The other component to the competition is to create an innovative solution to a problem. The solution is based on a theme for each year. This year’s theme is Senior Solutions.At the competition, the teams will have to run robot missions 4 times during the day. (There are videosshowing last year’s teams to give you an idea of what happens.) Teams present to judges behind closed doors during the day.They give a presentation on their robot (its design, roles they played on the team, its programming), their innovative solution (it can be in any form – creative presentations help!), and on core values of First Lego League (often this is a team building exercise). Core values in First Lego League include:

  • We are a team.
  • We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors.
  • We know our coaches and mentors don’t have all the answers; we learn together.
  • We honor the spirit of friendly competition.
  • What we discover is more important than what we win.
  • We share our experiences with others.
  • We display Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® in everything we do.
  • We have FUN!